Railroads of Montana
and the Pacific Northwest
Photography by Dale Jones






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Welcome to the new
Railroads of Montana!

Added more General
Transportation PDF's
Repaired Broken Links
  Due to the pandemic
crisis, the publisher
will not be releasing
the "Montana Rails"
book until October
Added 18 files of research
about discovery and building
Marias Pass


Central Montana Rail on Spring Creek Trestle                           Montana Rail Link Special at Billings                                     BNSF Coal Train at East Glacier   

Welcome to the Railroads of Montana

Check out the new publication and free document download page Here

Its been twenty years ago when I uploaded the first Railroads of Montana website.

Times and technology have changed significantly since those early dot.com days
My faithful followers have watched through the decades as I offered my publications.
At first there were the Railroads of Montana calendars, then the Running Extra booklet series,
and a brief run of DVD books and a miscellany of photographs.


The new website has been up a month, check out these recent additions
Access to nearly 3,000 Montana quadrangle maps - FREE!
Employee rosters of over 4,000 employees
Numerous historical and contemporary documents


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