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This 28-page full-color 6” x 9” booklet contains over 50 color photographs; taking up,
as it were, where the “Off the Beaten Pass” left off at Browning. The journey continues
 following the Burlington Northern Santa Fe from Browning to Snowden on the North Dakota border. 

Notes from the booklet’s Introduction, “The Hi-Line is a part of Montana that folks
surely do live in, but it’s an almost forgotten land to the occasional visitor to the Big Sky State. Oh, just a footnote here before we discuss the “Hi-Line.” The quickest way to expose
 a “non Hi-Line” person at least in print anyway, is to look at their spelling – High Line,
HiLine or Hiline are dead giveaways…Operationally, this segment of the transcontinental railroad has very little gradient compared with the Rocky Mountain crossing at Marias Pass.
In terms of the railroad, the Hi-Line begins at an elevation of about 1,900-feet at Snowden
near the junction of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers and from that point the tracks pretty much follow the 48th Parallel under reaching Browning some 475-miles West at an elevation
 of 4,416-feet.”
There’s so much that make up what is called the Hi-Line, families that have
roots going back to the original “pioneers” who came out West on the promise of Great Northern’s agricultural independence; the High School football or basketball games with the Class B
 and Class C scores making headlines over other stories…and the weather –
the all-encompassing weather. But most of all, this booklet takes the reader
hrough the land where folks are “Livin’ on the Hi-Line.”

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