For nearly 150-years railroads have been transforming the Montana landscape from the
Continental Divide peaks to wind swept prairies. Steel rails arrived May 9, 1880 when
the narrow-gauge Utah & Northern reached Monida Pass south of Butte. At the zenith of rail line construction during the 1890s and early 20th Century, all major transcontinental railroads
crisscrossed Montana; the Union Pacific, Northern Pacific, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy [CB&Q], Great Northern, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul [Milwaukee Road] and the Soo Line.
Through the years, many original railroads evolved into the Burlington Northern Railroad,
Burlington Northern Santa Fe [BNSF] and Montana Rail Link with unique shortlines along the way. Though routes and operations have changed, the scenery of the Big Sky State remain the same.
Take a journey across Montana rails, from the mountains to the prairies.



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Chapter One    Rivers and Mountains                
Chapter Two    Heart of the Prairie                    
Chapter Three   Milwaukee Road East                
Chapter Four    Central Montana Rail                 
Chapter Five     Engine 261                                
Chapter Six       Montana Rail Link                     
Chapter Seven   Hi-Line                                      
Chapter Eight    Yellowstone River Country         
Chapter Nine    Where’s Plentywood?       

RELEASE DATE MAY 16, 2021           

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