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                                                                       Marias Pass
le Jones Photographs of Marias Pass - 1985

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              Scenes of the Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass
                                             More Historic Great Northern Railway Photos

Belton, Montana Circa 1910                                                           Belton, Montana 1932   

Belton, Montana 1969

Bison, Montana late 1940's     

Browning, Montana 1969

Browning, Montana - Snowshed #1

Columbia Fall, Montana Circa 1910                                              Columbia Falls, Montana 1960's   

East Glacier, Montana 1935                                             East Glacier, Montana 1950's GN "Gateway"

East Glacier, Montana Great Northern FT #410 Publicity Photos Early 1940's          

East Glacier, Montana August 1969

Essex, Montana Great Northern Two Photos Early 1900's 

              Essex, Montana 1969                                                        Essex, Montana "Izaak Walton Inn" 1940's

Fielding, Montana Circa 1910                                                        Fielding, Montana Circa 1910

Fielding, Montana Circa 1910                                                        Fielding, Montana Circa 1910

   Fielding, Montana Circa 1910                                               Fielding, Montana 4-6-2 #1412 Circa 1910

Blacktail [Fielding] Great Northern Publicity Photo Early 1940's 

Kalispell, Montana 1892                                             Kalispell, Montana Grain Elevators 1914

Marias Pass Double Tracking 1910's [Before Snowsheds were  built]

Marias Pass Double Tracking 1910's - Tunnel #1.5 "Windy Point"

Somers, Montana - Somers Lumber Company - Great Northern Railway Tie Plant Circa 1910's

Summit, Montana Empire Builder Publicity Photo 1950's

Whitefish, Montana Depot and Yards Circa 1910's

Whitefish, Montana Empire Builders 1940's

Whitefish, Montana Depot 1971

Here are links to other Marias Pass information on this website:

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Adobe Acrobat® Version Marias Pass  GN/BNSF Milepost List

Here is a link to  the complete text of Grace Flandrau's -
Great Northern Railway's authorized 1925 "Story of Marias Pass"

Here is a link to the
Online Version of Marias Pass from Essential Railfan's Guide to Marias Pass

If you are interested in Montana railroad history
Click HERE to order book The Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass
and The Milwaukee Road Connection from Spokane to Butte

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: The photos on this page are from my collection. I have been researching and collecting railroad photographs and memorabilia for over forty years, I have gathered materials from many different sources - original owners, photographers, online groups and connections, "swap meets" or from those who wish to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, many images have been passed around from collector to collector and the original photographer's identity may have become lost.
If I have used your photo without giving you credit – it is unintentional.  
That being said - if you find a photograph that you took and I have not given you credit.
 Please let me know...I will give credit where credit is due

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