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Marias Pass
Railfan's Essential Guide to Marias Pass


Below is the web version of the publication published by Dale Jones entitled
"The Essential Railfan's Guide to Marias Pass "

The folder shows all the photo locations and historical information about Marias Pass
assisting the railfan to enjoy their visit to Marias Pass

There is a online version [click on image to enlarge] and also two different
Adobe Acrobat® PDF files

One set of these PDF files will print the folder on 8 1/2" x 11" standard letter size paper - formatted landscape - - -
"The Essential Railfan's Guide to Marias Pass " Letter Size
Side One
Side Two

NOTE: These are fairly large photos so they may be a bit fuzzy as I had to make the file size that way for you to
 be able to load them on the web page

             Marias Pass Track Profile [Click on Image to Enlarge]           
____________________________________________________________________________          Marias Pass Map & Locations [Click on Image to Enlarge]       


Click below for the -
Adobe Acrobat® Version Marias Pass  GN/BNSF Milepost List

Here is a link to  the complete text of Grace Flandrau's -
Great Northern Railway's authorized 1925 "Story of Marias Pass"

Here is a link to the
Online Version of Marias Pass from Essential Railfan's Guide to Marias Pass


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All material and photos that does not list specific sources are copyrighted by Dale Jones

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