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Great Northern Railway Photographs

The Great Northern was the second transcontinental railroad to build across Montana,
being completed in 1893, it operated until March 1970,
after being absorbed by the Burlington Northern Railroad

Below is a sampling from various locations of the
Great Northern Railway taken by Dale Jones

Cordell Newby Collection -  Minnesota - Montana - Seattle - Washington - Wenatchee
Today with the explosion of information on the internet - many of Cordell Newby images are readily available
For extensive online records of Pacific Northwest railroad history - there is no other site better than:

             GN GP-35 now BN #2505 & GP35 & GP9 Eureka, MT 10/24/70                            Ex GN caboose now BN #10256 Illinois St. Hill near Hillyard, WA   

         3 GE U33Cs with Eastbound exiting Tunnel #11 Chain Lakes 11/69                                 Caboose #X-22 on Port Hill local sits Bonners Ferry, ID 11/28/69


             GN caboose X-278 on East  Local  Highland Loop 11/11/69                                   GN cabooses X-222 & X-63 entering Tunnel #10.3  1/3/69


             3 U33Cs exit Tunnel #10.3  Chain Lakes, WA 10/4/69                                                SD45 #402,F7 & U33C with eastbound at Scenic, WA 2/28/70


                        GN helpers 4 Fs & GP30 mid-train at Berne, WA 2/28/70                              GN helpers 4 Fs & GP30 mid-train at Berne, WA 2/28/70


                GN four unit F helper on eastbound at Scenic, WA 2/28/70                                        SD45,GP35 & F7 enter Cascade Tunnel, WA 2/28/70            


             GN caboose #X-89 on SP&P train SI&E yard Spokane 1/17/70                                      GN caboose #X-37 exiting Tunnel #10.3 Chain Lakes, WA   


                  4 GP30/35s entering Tunnel 11 Chain Lakes, WA 10/18/69                              GN caboose X-88 sits on Eastbound at Milan, WA  10/18/69 


                    U33C & Eastbound exiting Tunnel 11 Chain Lakes, WA 1/3/70                                       Westbound with misc. power near Tunnel 11 Chain Lakes 10/4/69

        GN Caboose #X-36 trails Eastbound Chattaroy, WA 11/16/69                                                           SD45 #415 with #97 at Elmira, ID 11/28/69


       SD45 #417 ,F45 &GP35 with Eastbound pass Fort Wright,WA 11/9/69                                     GNU33C #2542 & 2 F45s lead Eastbound Harrington, WA 2/28/70


                 GN four unit F helper at Hillyard, WA 3/20/70                                                       GN SD45 #420 leads Westbound Peshastin, WA 2/28/70

                   exGN GP35 BN#2501 pulls Eastbound into Milan, WA 11/72                                        exGN SD45 BN #6454 pulls Eastbound into Hillyard, WA 11/72

             exGN SD45 BN 6452 leads Westbound at Elmira, ID 7/71                                                         6 GN[BN] GP20s switch Butte, MT yard 7/24/70

                GN SD45 #403 Eastbound at Tunnel 10.3 Chain Lakes, WA 1/3/70                                     Eastbound with SD45 #408 Spokane, WA depot 1/1/70

                     GN F45 #437 Eastbound at  Sandpoint, ID 11/28/69                                                    GN GP35 #3034 Westbound near Hillyard, WA 12/28/69

                    4 GP30/35s lead Westbound pull into north Hillyard, WA 12/69                                    GP35 #3031 Eastbound along Illinois Street Spokane, WA 11/17/70

               GN U33C #2538 Westbound near Dean, WA 12/29/69                                                               4 GP35s Westbound near   Dean, WA 1/3/70


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Cordell Newby Collection -  Minnesota - Montana - Seattle - Washington - Wenatchee

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All material and photos that does not list specific sources are copyrighted by Dale Jones

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