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Soo Line in Montana - 1916 Dooley Snowplow

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: The photos on this page are from my collection. I have been researching and collecting railroad photographs and memorabilia for over forty years, I have gathered materials from many different sources - original owners, photographers, online groups and connections, "swap meets" or from those who wish to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, many images have been passed around from collector to collector and the original photographer's identity may have become lost.
If I have used your photo without giving you credit it is unintentional.  
That being said - if you find a photograph that you took and I have not given you credit.
 Please let me know...I will give credit where credit is due

More Miscellaneous Historic Soo Line Photos

In February 1916, a massive blizzard attacked the Northern Plains of North Dakota and Montana.
The Soo Line brought in a rotary snowplow to clear the tracks. The snowplow used was not the "regular" type of rotary snowplow with blades like a huge circular cooling fan. It was a snowplow based on a "corkscrew" design - The Jull snowplow

 Just a brief history of the rotary snowplow. The first successful rotary plow was designed by a Canadian inventor named Orange Jull.  He had it built by the Leslie Brothers, owners of a machine shop, and tested it in the winter of 1883-84.  The Leslies' soon purchased the manufacturing rights to the plow and went into business building "Leslie type" rotaries.  This is the type of plow most people think of when you say "rotary." It has one large circular plow blade rotating on a shaft
parallel to the tracks. Mr. Jull designed another plow to complete with the Leslie plows -
 the Jull Centrifugal Snow Excavator. Between 1890 and 1892 11 Jull type plows were built.  As seen in the above detail photograph - these plows had a large spiral screw placed diagonally across the front of the plow to clear the snow.  They were not as good in deep or heavy snow as the Leslies, and never really caught on, eventually all 11 were scrapped. The Soo Line plow used near Dooley, Montana in February 1916 was #X-17. A photographer was present to record the effects of the blizzard, but no doubt the use of the odd "Jull." There appears to be dozens of postcards circulating printed from this event. Below is a sampling of some of the views the
Jull Centrifugal Snow Excavator Rotary Snowplow at work in the Montana prairie.



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All material and photos that does not list specific sources are copyrighted by Dale Jones

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