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Soo Line in Montana

This page contains miscellaneous images of the historic Soo Line in Montana
along with some photos of operations during the Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western era 

PHOTO DISCLAIMER: The photos on this page are from my collection. I have been researching and collecting railroad photographs and memorabilia for over forty years, I have gathered materials from many different sources - original owners, photographers, online groups and connections, "swap meets" or from those who wish to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, many images have been passed around from collector to collector and the original photographer's identity may have become lost.
If I have used your photo without giving you credit it is unintentional.  
That being said - if you find a photograph that you took and I have not given you credit.
 Please let me know...I will give credit where credit is due

Dooley & Outlook, Montana
Nearly all the towns along the Soo Line "Flaxton Branch" were settled around the
building of the Soo - circa 1912 - 1914:
Westby, McElroy, Comertown, Dooley, Raymond, Outlook, Daleview and Whitetail. 
Below are some images of Dooley and Outlook

Birdseye views of Dooley, Montana shortly after settlement

                  Dooley, Montana after fire                              Soo Line Dooley, Montana depot shortly after opening

Soo Line Dooley, Montana depot shortly after opening

"Practice Burn" of the Dooley, Montana grain elevators

Soo Line Outlook, Montana depot - Circa 1970's

Dave Ruggles Raymond, Montana - "Last Days" of Soo Line Photographs
Below are a few photographs taken by Dave Ruggles of Raymond, Montana
Mr. Ruggles was a former long time Soo Line employee and resident of Raymond

Three views of the last Soo Line train heading East through Raymond, Montana

Soo Line train wreck on Whitetail line - 1980's

Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western at Whitetail, Montana - Winter 1998
Photos below by Dale Jones

Crosby, North Dakota DMVW Equipment

Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Crosby, North Dakota - Spring 2000


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All material and photos that does not list specific sources are copyrighted by Dale Jones

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