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Spokane International Railway - Modelers Notebook & Words of Larry Shawver

As was the circumstance with the Great Northern Railway’s Kettle Falls Branch –
Spokane to Chewelah
book The 2010 edition of this book was offered in a DVD
publication format and included only Larry Shawver text and a few photographs.


This 2021 version is a 92-page 8˝” x 11” portrait format softcover book
containing thirteen
Larry Shawver essays with over 100 photos to assist modelers. 


“There once was a lonely but proud little Class l railroad that ran from Spokane
up through the Northern Idaho Panhandle to Eastport, Idaho/Kingsgate, B.C.,
where it connected with a branch line of the CPR.”
  That is how Larry Shawver,
the railfan and author begins the first of fourteen short essays written during the 1970s.
Through these writings we catch a glimpse of rail photographers that is not usually recognized
 for what they are; historical artifacts not only of the Spokane International Railway story,
but also the story of the life of Larry Shawver. 

    These essays cover not only the history of the Spokane International, but also touch
 much of the daily operations of the S.I. during the period of the 1920s thru 1940s.
He talks about the love of his life and the death of his wife in an automobile accident.
He writes in second person, often referring to himself as “the kid”, recounting growing up
“on the farm” and the pain he felt when his father “burned” him by selling the farm right
from under him; his high school escapades and descriptions of the mournful sounds
 of the individual Spokane International steam engines are all covered in his writings. 

     The words in this book are the way that Larry Shawver wrote them, I did not change
ny of the spelling or grammar; they are copied just as Mr, Shawver penned them;
in fact Essay Fourteen is an actual copy of the typewritten pages that he wrote.
 I hope you enjoy Larry Shawver and his many stories from an era long gone.
Here is presented to you, the Spokane International of Larry Shawver in words and photographs.

This Spokane International Railway book is not a comprehensive
 or corporate history. It highlights with words and a few of the over 3,000 photographs
of Larry Shawver, one the most ardent chroniclers of this relatively small railroad
 in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. 
 His photographs are almost legend, but few have ever read the stores of the man behind the camera. 

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Chapter Two through Fourteen - Larry Shawver Essays                    
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