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Spokane International Ry of Larry Shawver

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Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver Book - Front Cover

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The Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver in Words and Photographs book is a compilation of fourteen of his essays that were written during the 1970's. They are reminisces of his growing up along the Spokane International roadside and his continued lifetime love affair with the S.I. Besides the fourteen essays, there nearly forty color and B&W photographs - mostly taken by Larry Shawver.

Included in the book are actual copies of a Spokane International 1910 timetable and map with Soo Line connections, a complete copy of all four pages of Spokane International Railway employee timetable #54 dated October 10, 1954 and a copy of the two page Spokane International Railway public timetable from November 2, 1929 with a system map. There is also an all-time locomotive roster and historical information on these logging railroad and spurs that connected with the Spokane International: Coeur d' Alene & Pend Oreille Railway Company, Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad, Humbird Lumber Company and the Ohio Match Company.

I remember meeting Larry Shawver a few times at the monthly meetings of the Inland Empire Railway Historical Society in Spokane, Washington during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. When reading these essays Larry does not hold back any punches from his pointed dislike of the U.P. and especially James J. Hill and any of the Hill Lines including the Hill controlled Northern Pacific. He also takes a poke at local politicians; it appears that no one is immune, as he even takes a potshot at railfans who seemed in his mind avoided the Spokane International for the “big” railroads in the Pacific Northwest.

 These essays cover not only the history of the Spokane International, but they also bring to light much of the daily operations of the S.I. during the period of the 1920’s and 1930’s. He talks about the love of his life and the death of his wife in an automobile accident. In a sentimental but matter of fact way, he tells of his growing up “on the farm” and the pain he felt when his father “burned” him by selling the farm right from under him; his high school escapades and his descriptions of the mournful sounds of the individual Spokane International steam engines are all covered in his writings.

 The words in this book are pretty much the way that Larry Shawver wrote them, I did not change any of the spelling or grammar; they are copied just as Mr, Shawver penned them, in fact Essay Fourteen is an actual copy of the typewritten pages that he wrote. I hope you enjoy Larry Shawver and his many stories from an era long gone. Here is presented to you, the Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver in words and photographs.  

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